InnoFERT Flagship Product: FertiSMART® – Web Based IVF Software

FertiSmart® is a state of the art Web-Based IVF Software that will help IVF Clinic to organize and follow all the procedures performed electronically. Unlike the traditional way which is to perform all procedures by filling up paper forms, FertiSmart® easily lets you go paperless and makes it considerably easy to access clinical information from anywhere within the clinic/hospital instantly. So, you can achieve high levels of operational efficiency. Moreover, FertiSmart® powerful analytics and reporting module helps IVF Clinics to run many KPIs to analyze and measure their performance in real-time.

FertiSMART Modules

  • Patient Management
  • Cycle & Treatment Management
  • Powerful Patients / Cycles Search
  • Daily Cycle Treatment Planning
  • Appointments Scheduler Module
  • Billing & Invoicing Module
  • Billing & Invoicing Module
  • ART Lab Q.C. for Equipments
  • Contact Materials
  • Inventory
  • Cryopreservation Inventory
  • Powerful Reporting
  • Data Export Wizard
  • Patient Web Portal
  • Instant Messenger
  • Patient ID Card Printing
  • Custom Label Printing
  • System Operations Monitor
  • Administration & Security


Increase Profits

FertiSmart® will help you improve almost every aspect of your IVF business, giving you the data to analyze your KPI’s, take measures to reduce costs, improve performance and save both money and time. The software pays for itself.

Easy To Use

FertiSmart® functionality follows intuitive steps, so that complex IVF processes can be handled succinctly and accurately. Screens have a consistent layout, so users quickly learn and adapt. Each screen mirrors the processes within the business, ensuring discipline, clarity and control.

Greater Speed & Security

Extensive drill-down functionality, single point of entry for most data, user friendly screens, and automated functions all contribute to rapid accomplishment of day-to-day tasks. Administrator defined control of screen access ensures security and accuracy of data.

Outstanding Support

FertiSmart® is delivered with total commitment from InnoFERT to make the software work for you. We bend over backwards to ensure that the software meets your demands, and that you know how to get the best out of it. We understand that your success will be our success also.

Technical Benefits

FertiSmart® provides new tools to help you to perform many of the IVF technical tasks simply and accurately on the shop floor. Enhanced visibility of technical information improves communication, planning and decision-making, improving accuracy, speed and quality.

Return on Investment

FertiSmart® offers you the opportunity to make a rapid return on your investment. The enhanced functions and improved visibility reduce duplication, and increase the speed at which accurate data can be collected and utilized.